The Best of Education for Your Children

Welcome to Tales International Virtues Kindergarten, in this presentation of our Kindergarten you will find an introduction to your child’s learning journey, a presentation of our kindergarten environment and a list of the services and courses we provide. We also hope to give you an idea of our school’s philosophy which is to enable children to learn in a healthy, stimulating and serene environment according to their rhythms and needs.


Tales kindergarten has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, in these few years the Tales complex has known a fast-paced development and has been able to count on the collaboration of many specialists in its progress and planning for the future.
The Tales complex counts today two main groups: a national and an international one, which are subdivided into departments.
Our kindergarten is part of the International Group together with the Pregnancy and Baby Center, the Early Years Center, the Toy Center, the Library and the Western restaurant. All departments are run by specialists which assure a professional service, insightful research and continuous upgrading.







        Hello my name is Robert(罗逸), and I am from England! I have been in education for a year and a bit teaching a variety of young ages. In fact, I first came to China when I was only 20 to volunteer teaching English in a small town somewhere in Guangdong. Since then I have been very enthusiastic about Chinese culture and language since, whilst also getting very involved with the English as a second language. I have been to China every year since 2009, and have been teaching myself Chinese for 3 years. I am 24 years old, and have graduated from university this year. I studied BA Geography with International relations and graduated this year at Plymouth university. I’ve come to this school for a few months now, and am well acquainted with everyone here. I hope that I can be acquainted to you and your child too!







         侯建娣,生活老师,高中学历。具有丰富的幼儿生活教师经验,精通幼儿卫生常识,照顾幼儿的每日生活起居,配合老师组织孩子进行教学活动,辅助进行环境创设和玩具、教具的制作,全面了解幼儿的饮食、睡眠情况,保持幼儿仪表整洁;关注幼儿体质情况,根据天气变化,及时为幼儿增减衣物。原在天使宝贝幼儿园担任生活老师四年,2008年加入淘乐思艺术幼儿园,现在幼儿园担任5年生活老师职务。我的教育格言是:宝贝宝贝 我爱你。






         邓娟 国际园主班教师  毕业于首都师范大学教育系本科。从事幼儿教育11年,具有丰富的幼儿教育经验。在工作中,我愿用一颗充满责任的爱心为孩子们撑起一片蔚蓝的天空,让孩子们享受阳光、享受快乐!



         郜婧 国际园英文助教  毕业于河南师范学院-英语教育本科。从事幼教5年。希望用爱心搭建与孩子理解沟通的桥梁,用耐心和细心为孩子营造健康成长的环境。



         李娜 国际园中文助教 毕业于山西省临汾师范学院幼儿教育大专。希望在工作中将快乐传递给每一个孩子,让孩子的世界变得更加美丽精彩。



         田影 国际班保育老师 从事保育工作4年,具有丰富的保育工作经验,对待孩子有耐心,看过很多教育孩子的书籍,并将其中的好方法运用到工作当中,在工作中认真负责,让孩子在一个干净、整洁、卫生的环境中健康成长。我的教育理念是:“用我的爱心和耐心去关注每一个孩子,让他们拥有一个快乐幸福的童年。”



          My name is Malaz. I am from America.

          I have been teaching for 26 years, here and in the States.
          In University I studied Elementary Education and Child Psychology.
          I has been teaching in China for 8 years.
         This is my second year at TaoLesi and am glad to be part of the
         effort to bring EYFS to China.

         "On a distant rocky ledge, a majestic wild creature, imposing, and intelligent running free in the forest"






         Hi everybody, my name is Josh and I am from the beautiful country (美国), America.  I come from the American Midwest, however, I speak standard American English in which I drop my regional/local dialect. My Chinese name is 高富帅 and I have been living in this wonderful country for over two years.


         At Michigan State University, a Big Ten university (high marks for academics and sports), I concentrated on social science. I hold two degrees: bachelors of art for history and a bachelor of arts in anthropology. The focus of my history degree was on modern Chinese history. My anthropology degree was split into archaeology and linguistics. I studied Hebrew (希伯来语) in addition to my other classes in linguistic anthropology.


         In linguistic anthropology I had a deep interest in early stages language development. Early stage language development concerns both the biological and the socio-cultural. Teaching children allows me to explore and practice principles that stimulate language development.


         I am a certified Teach English as a Foreign Language instructor. This was a 200 hour course I completed simultaneously as my bachelor degrees.


         I have plenty of experience with children. I come from a very large family with a lot of younger cousins and in addition to this my mother used to run a day care. When I was a boy to teenager, I also participated in the Boy Scouts of America, which requires you to mentor and teach scouts younger than you. I taught my nephew Chinese (普通话) and Irish (爱尔兰人语) when he was between the ages 2-3 then I went to China.


         I have 2 consecutive years experience working at the same international kindergarten before coming to 淘乐思. Even though teaching young children can be challenging, I truly enjoy teaching children.








         张晓会 英文名字:Heidi。国际园K1班英文助教,毕业于:河北外国语学院,做事沉稳,对孩子有耐心,有丰富的英文教师的经验,人生格言:教是为了不教。